Workplace mental health

With many years of experience providing consultation and training within the NHS and other public sector services, the psychologists at Talking Heads are passionate about creating and supporting organisations that are aware of, and responsive to, the mental health needs of their staff and clients. Stress, burnout and subsequent mental health difficulties are prevalent in this modern age; however, there are things that workplaces can do to support their staff and to minimise these risks.

We understand that providing training in mental health can be an important first step for any team or business. However, ensuring that mental health and wellbeing stays on your agenda is essential. Our aim therefore is to help you to curate an organisation that supports good emotional wellbeing and knows how to respond effectively and compassionately to those who may be struggling.

We endeavour to provide a service that is free of jargon and informed by evidence based clinical practice. Talking Heads is staffed by a group of psychologists with high levels of expertise and many years of experience working in mental health services, which we can to bring into your workplace in a way that is accessible and responsive.

How we do this

We will always begin with an initial discussion of what your business requires, as we aim to provide a bespoke service to meet your specific needs.

Following on from this, we can provide:

  • Training to staff about mental health, in order to increase awareness, minimise stigma and encourage people to maintain a work life balance and know how to seek help as and when needed

  • Ongoing consultation to managers and leaders on how to create a culture that is supportive and compassionate towards mental health

  • Regular clinics for staff consultations. These are safe and non-judgemental spaces in which to explore mental health and wellbeing and where staff can be signposted to further support or treatment as and where required