Calming Space Imagery


MP3 download (9.5 minutes)

This guided imagery exercise is designed to help you find a place within yourself where you feel calm, relaxed and completely at ease. Some people choose to call this ‘safe space imagery’.

The audio will talk you through the exercise; all you need to do is find a time and space that feels comfortable to practice it. If at any time you find this exercise challenging or it causes you any distress*, you may want to try something more abstract such as A Shop for the Mind (link to this) or the Grounding audio (link to this).

These exercises are best practiced when you are feeling relatively at ease. The more you can practice in the absence of intense discomfort, the easier they will be to use at times of stress or distress.

*Some people find it easier to focus on somewhere completely new and imaginary. Sometimes when we use a place from our own lives, other memories can intrude and prevent it from being as relaxing as we might hope for it to be. And remember, each time you practice, you can change the place to meet your needs in that moment.

Who is this for:

Anyone. This guided imagery does not require any previous experience. Some people prefer guided imagery as it provides a specific focus and mental task (rather than focusing inward on the body or breath).